Unlocking the essence of your food + herbs to find balance everyday.



We all know the foundation of wellness is rooted in what we eat. Learning how to tune-in to your body to choose the most nourishing foods is the key to a vibrant life. We'll show you how to know which foods support your consitution, without all the fuss. 

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Though many herbs have similar functions, their 'personalities' are very different. Getting to know whether a plant helps balance cold, dry, hot, or wet conditions will make finding the right medicine way easier and more effective. 



Hot baths, steams, oil and salt scrubs are a few luxurious rituals we can't live without. We'll share some quick tips for grounding into your body with these rituals, while helping you release what's no longer serving you. 

A virtual herbal community at your fingertips.

In this 2-hour workshop, you'll leave empowered and inspired to create beautifully balancing meals + rituals. 

Through our online community, you'll create connections to other plant-folk

and have access to the live video workshop after the class. 

Sunday | July 16th 11:00 am - 1:00 pm PST 

What you'll get: 


+ Elemental Eating Workshop

  • A deeper understanding of the elements: hot, dry, cold, and wet. Also known as vata, pitta, and kapha in Ayurveda.
  • You'll learn the basics of nourishing foods + rituals for your body type or 'dosha.'
  • An overview of adaptogenic herbs, to restore + balance everyday.

+ Elemental Eating Guide & Recipe Cards

  • Printable herbal-inspiration that's perfect for your fridge.

+ Herbal Resource Guide

  • A list of recommended products, books, and practitioners we trust.

+ Online Community

  • We'll form a live chat component and Facebook page for students to ask questions, share remedies, and connect.

+ Experienced Herbal Teachers

  • Whether you attend the workshop live or later-on, we hope you see us as your herbal guides. Please feel free to reach out and ask questions about the course, so you can get the most of our workshop! 

Can't make the live workshop?

No worries! You'll have access to the recording for 2 weeks along with all printable workshop handouts and recipes. 


"As a busy entrepreneur, I'm always looking for new, inspiring ways to get more healthy food into my diet. Sarah and Summer's workshop gave me that...and so much more! 

I actually walked away thinking about food in a whole new way, and I've really enjoyed integrating what I learned in my own kitchen. These ladies know SO much, and they share their hard earned wisdom with so much generosity, ease, and love. It was such a pleasure being in their presence!" 

Flora B. | Portland, OR | Artist | Intuitive Painting

"As a natural foods chef and firm believer in food as medicine, it was incredibly interesting to learn about healing foods through the Ayurvedic perspective. What I loved most about Sarah and Summer’s teaching was their message of intuitive eating and using our individual constitution to determine what foods are best for balancing not only our physical bodies, but our mind and spirit, as well.
The beautiful recipes we made incorporated tonic and medicinal herbs and were deliciously simple. And finally, one of the most fun parts of class for me was learning the ancient and sacred art of making ghee. The whole process of that, including infusing the golden ghee with herbs, was so empowering and has carried over into my healing home kitchen." 
Renée D. | Seattle, WA | Natural Foods Chef | Nourish The Roots 
"I was introduced to The Great Kosmic Kitchen at Spirit Weavers Gathering this year. The title "Be Radical. Eat Traditional" resonated so deeply with me, I just knew I had to join the class.
It was amazing to learn about how many things I can add to my meals on a daily basis that aren't difficult to find, and will be great medicine to my body. I also purchased their cookbook, which was the first I've ever read cover to cover.
The information is so easy to comprehend, even for someone totally new to the idea of Ayurvedic cooking and medicine. I highly recommending taking a course! Super informative, and really fun!" 
Sasha H. | Los Angles | Natural Dyer | Elara Blue Designs


Yes. This workshop is designed to give folks a foundation of the elemental theory that can easily be woven into your modern life. Whether you're a beginner or a master medicine maker, this workshop is designed to inspire you to see the elemental theory behind herbalism as a lifestyle---a way of connecting more deeply to yourself and the world around you. Since wellness is a holistic practice, our workshop will also teach simple traditional foods preparations, so you're getting the most out of your food and medicine. 

We'll explore Ayurvedic principles like doshas (constitutions), self-care tools, and herbal formulas in a way that makes them accessible for everyday balance. Leaning on these ancient traditions can bring about powerful change in our modern lifestyles. 



Yes. Since you have access to all the live recording and handouts, you're able to learn in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace. Plus, this workshop is all about how you can actually save time while still nourishing yourself deeply.



Once you register, you'll have access to the handouts with links to our favorite products and herbal suppliers on Saturday, July 15th. You'll be able to print these and have online access for 2 weeks after the workshop. 



We've designed our recipes to be flexible and to inspire you to enjoy the herbs in a way that feels best to your body. We can always make additional recommendations as needed, as there will be a Q+A portion at the end of the workshop.


I've heard a lot about adaptogens and want to give them a try but I'm not quite sure where to start? 

This workshop will help 'de-mystify' which adaptogenic herbs support each constitution. We'll share tips on creating herbal formulas to support the balancing nature of adaptogens, so you're can get the most out of these potent herbs.  


Meet Summer Ashley + Sarah Kate

Summer and Sarah first met in college, where they laid the foundation for The University of Central Florida’s very first community garden. They grew heirloom varietals, medicinal herbs, perennial vegetables, and even ate the weeds. The constant abundance in the garden inspired them to create magical meals in their own kitchens.

After being introduced to the world of plants, they both set out on journeys to deepen this connection. Together they studied permaculture at The Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, California and Herbalism at The Florida School of Holistic Living in Orlando, Florida. Summer then ventured to Vermont to apprentice with Rosemary Gladstar, which led her to study at The California School of Herbal Studies in 2013.  During this time Sarah interned at Herb Pharm in Oregon, apprenticed at Tassajara’s Zen Kitchen, and then went on to study Amazonian plants in the Peruvian jungle.

In June 2017, they completed a 10 month Ayurvedic Foundations Course with DeAnna Batdorff at the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol, CA. Focusing on elemental theory, food as medicine, face + pulse diagnostics, herbalism and bodywork, they've found a deeper thread thread that ties together their love of plants and wellness with emotional healing work through the physical body. 

In gratitude for these immersive experiences, Sarah and Summer share the wisdom they learn along the way. The Great Kosmic Kitchen showcases the art of incorporating healing plants, traditional preparations, and sacred rituals into daily life.


Sarah Kate 

Summer Ashley 


Join us for a 2-hour online workshop

to unlock the essence of your food + herbs and find

balance everyday!


REGISTRATION closes  7/15/17

"Herbal education begins with changing our consciousness."

-Pam Montgomery



Photography by Ally Crum Creative.